Sunday, December 09, 2012

Nailed:: Easy Christmas Drag Marble Nail Art w/ Tutorial

With Christmas just around the corner, an equally festive manicure is definitely needed to match. Can you believe there's only 15 days until Christmas? This year has just flown by!

Back to the topic of nails, drag marbling is a great way to do impressive nail art that's also very easy. Drag marbling is basically water marbling's cousin. If you can use a toothpick, you can create today's design! It's really that simple.

To get this look, I'll walk you through the steps. This tutorial is all over the place since I had to redo it several times but the placement of the stripes doesn't really matter.

*click to enlarge*

You will need
- Green glitter nail polish (I'm using Orly Here Comes Trouble)
-Gold metallic nail polish (I'm using Zoya Ziv)
- Red cream/jelly nail polish (I'm using Zoya Rekha
- A toothpick 
- A nail art brush (optional)

Step 1: After applying a clear base coat, place thick stripes of green, gold, and red onto your nail. It's okay if it's messy.

Step 1 Alternate:  You may choose to follow the above step or you may start with a full base of red nail polish (also thickly applied). Either way, step 2 and 3 will follow.

Step 2: Taking a toothpick, drag the nail polish horizontally across the entire nail. Start from the very edge and continue to the other side. You want to alternate directions to create the pattern you see above. For instance, your first drag is left to right so your second drag should be right to left on the next section.

Step 3 (Optional): Depending on the way your nails turn out once finished, go back in with a nail art brush and fill in any empty spaces or non-opaque lines. The arrows (see above) indicate the issues I am talking about.

Simple right? Let me know if you get a chance to try this and make sure to check out more designs at my blog Haute Lacquer.

Thanks for reading!


  1. This is so pretty, I can't get my breath!!

  2. Isn't it gorg?!

  3. Heading out now to buy those colors and try it out! I gotta have my nails like this =) Great tutorial, by the way!

  4. It almost looks like horizontal Christmas candles. What a pretty mani!!!

  5. That's pretty but looks like too much work! lol

  6. Is there a trick to this? I did this using red and white (candy cane colors) and it looks NOTHING like this lol. Mine looks like i took the tool and dug trenches in the polish LOL. =/