Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Ro's Natural Hair Journey:: Protective Styling w/Box Braids

As you know,I just celebrated six months natural and while I'm loving the experience of being natural, I despise having the same look/hairstyle all the time so I made the executive decision to add some hair via braids (a whole 24inches no less lol).

Everyone has been calling be "Poetic Justice" (after Janet Jackson's character) since getting my chunky Box Braids installed. Yes,they're super long and a throwback but I love them and I they're saving me major time in the morning!

  • I've been greasing my scalp with Carols Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey which is petroleum and mineral oil free and soothes my scalp without feeling too heavy or greasy. 
  • I also wrap my hair nightly with a silk scarf and bonnet to keep the braids fresh and keep my edges safe.
  • Since I have a little build up in the scalp I'm searching for a good dry shampoo (any suggesitons?).
I'm thinking I may to a few braided styles this summer with intensive treatment between removals and see how much more my fro grows!

Are you rocking any protective styles this summer?


  1. I've heard that Pssst has a good dry Shampoo. And Bath and Body Works has a shea cashmere dry shampoo. I've done Senegalese twists and plan on getting more!

  2. Thanks Quita I'll look into that shampoo

  3. I'm loving the retro do! This takes me right back - you look fantastic & if I wasn't a weaveaholic I would join you!

  4. The braids look beautiful on you! I'm a lifelong natural, but I've never had braids or twists; I'm a wash and go girl! My oldest daughter may be getting some braids over the summer so I'll have to look into the CD product you mentioned. She really wants her hair to grow out over the summer so she can sport some length when she returns to school in the fall. Gotta feed the scalp for that to happen!


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