Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Your Closet Called - All White Everything!

As ironic as it may seem, on the contrasting end of this Spring's "Prints Galore" trend is the also popular trend of wearing "All White". 

Personally, wearing all white (or almost all white) is a warm-weather essential for me. Although I love colors, I equally love my whites and how they exude a feminine and chic vibe.  There's nothing like the sleek and sexy look of a white tank and skinnies (as seen on Mel B in the pic below), an all white suit (as seen on Elle MacPherson) or long, high-waisted trousers and a starched button-up tailored shirt with bold accessories! These looks speak instant polish if worn properly.  **BTW, Love Kim K's look below, minus the floppy hat. 

Tips to remember when wearing white:
  • Avoid wearing wrinkled white (of course unless it's meant to be crinkled). This is never a good look. 
  • Avoid public transportation, where unavoidable fashion casualties can occur. Think of the little kid with the chocolate candy bar!
  • Try to keep make-up at a minimum to avoid smudges and accidental transfers to your outfit.
  • Don't order red wine! Seriously, this might be the worse thing to ever happen to a white suit!  A red wine spill on an all white outfit = Yikes!
  • Take your whites to the cleaners to be cleaned and for a thorough press job.  Whites can be prone to "yellowing" if not handled properly.
  • Tailor, tailor and tailor again.  Make sure your white fits right in all the right places. A sagging, ill-fitting white suit or outfit is a big No, No!
  • Last, but not least, keep a stain stick available to treat stains immediately if they occur.
Simply put, the key to wearing white is to keep it SIMPLE!


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