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Nail Chat w/ Titilayo Bankole

Meet Titilayo Bankole aka “The Cure” she has all the latest information on what’s trending in the world of nails!  Ms. Bankole is all about keeping your nails healthy and flawless.  Titilayo has serviced celebrity clientele and worked with a coveted team of nail stylist’s on the Donna Karan, Badgley Mischka, Richie Rich, Adam, Lela Rose and Nordic show’s during New York’s 2010 Spring Fashion Week.  A true leader, Titlayo owns a nail salon in the DC Metro area and has been dedicated to nail health for over twenty years.
I recently caught up with Titilayo to discuss among many things how aspiring nail techs can succeed. Be sure to post any questions or comments for Titilayo Bankole in the Comments Section AND check out a slide show of her work HERE.

Titilayo Bankole
 CY: How did you first become interested in the nail industry?

TB: I was in College and I went to get my nails done in Silver Spring (Maryland) by this woman named Pattie from Cali! Her work was beautiful!! I had my nails sculptured with“Pink and Whites.” At the time no one in my area was doing them and my mom owned her own salon called “Precious Hair Gallery” so I wanted to bring that technique to my mother’s salon. My mothers salon catered to women of all cultures from various demographics and was  known for Hair extensions (weaves, fusions, braids). My mother had the magic touch for hair extensions.  So once I mentioned to my mom that I wanted to provide nail services to her clients, she was thrilled.  She was my first employer.

Doing what she loves!
CY: How did you learn the skills?

TB:  I was so intrigued by the method the young lady used on me that I wanted to do the same exact technique on my mom’s clients.  Once I decided that this craft of nails kept me challenged, the professional supply store would often have classes on nails and I would register and take the courses. Tammy Taylor products was a product that I chose to use (and still using) to help me perfect my skill because of how Tammy Taylor believed in helping manicurist like me stay consistent and professional.  Her courses were intense 8 hour to two day courses. I learned to stay consistent, be professional, listen to clients and understand the communication of  unspoken words, educate clients on how to maintain their investment, and network at all times. In addition Tammy  taught us to keep clean stations, putting sanitation first.  These courses were taken over a period of 15 years. I still have my certificates.

Pink and Whites by Titilayo Bankole

CY: There are numerous nail salons that are using drills on nails; you don’t regularly why is that?

TB: I own an electric nail file; I just don’t use it as often as most manicurist. I use a manual method that is primarily just me filing by hand. I don’t apply any product too thick that I would have to use the electric file to file the product down for it to appear thin.  The only time I use the electric file is when I have to do a back fill (replenish the white of a forever French nail) on a long extended shadow.

Minx by Titilayo Bankole
CY: Did you experience any difficulty breaking into the industry that is not traditionally dominated by African-Americans?

TB: I have, but it didn’t matter to me, I had to feed myself and child in order to survive.  So I developed tough skin and whenever things changed I had to change.

CY: You have such a beautiful salon, what was your design inspiration?

TB: Thank you. My emotion to color and texture, How I or anyone would feel when they enter the room.

CY: What would you say has been your driving force?

TB:  My determination to see what will life is for me if I keep moving towards the mark.

CY: What are some career highlights?
TB: New York Fashion Week, Trade Shows in Orlando, Mentoring other Manicurist, Learning New
Techniques of the trade.

CY: What advice would you lend to all the new/aspiring nail techs?

TB: Be Open to learn from other Manicurist, assist, take classes, and don’t doubt yourself.

Be sure to visit Titilayo’s Website and keep up with all updates on her Facebook Fan Page

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  1. You are doing an amazing job, Ms. Bankole! I am very proud of you and expect bigger and better things for your future! Keep doing what you do best - persevere! I'll be coming your way soon.


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