Monday, October 19, 2015

3 Pieces Of Lingerie Every Woman Should Own

If you've jumped on board the fall fashion train already, chances are you've already stocked up on some pretty stylish looks for the year's coziest seasons. And as this rundown of seasonal trends reveals, it's a pretty fun year to buy up some new items. Fur stoles, chunky sweaters, fringe skirts and dresses... the list goes on. Designers seem to have been enjoying themselves when putting together their collection for the fall.

But as any fashionable lady knows, it's not all about what you wear on the outside. Sometimes the most exciting part of a new outfit is what you've got on underneath, and while lingerie collections don't adhere as closely to seasonal ideas, certain looks do come and go with time. And that means that this fall has brought along a few inventive and buzzworthy concepts that can make your undergarments for the coming months every bit as interesting as your actual outfits. Take a look at a few looks and styles making the rounds.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Power of Prayer: How "War Room" Prompted Me To Pray

I've always known about the power of God, grew up in the church and even had a Great-Grandfather as pastor and a deacon for a Grandfather. So I know about faith and the power of prayer but to be honest, I haven't always exercised my faith or prayed like I should. In fact, I didn't (until now) think I knew how to pray.

Sure, I attend church (online mostly...stop judging) and read my bible occasionally but I only really pulled out the good book and prayed when I was facing adversity (not right, but real). Over the last year I've made an effort to be more in tune with my faith and pray more and become an overall better Christian but the commitment wasn't there. Within the last 6 months I listen daily to podcasts from my favorite pastors and while I've had every intention to start my prayer life it just hasn't happened...until now.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

[re-]Mixing Hollywood: How It Would Look If Your Favorite Movies Had An African Cast

When I first saw the breathtaking image with this beautiful brown girl recreating the classic scene from "Breakfast At Tiffany's" I had to track down the photographer(s) and see what this was all about. Come to find out, the photo was the brainchild of Omar Victor Diop and Antoine who are co-authors of [re-]Mixing Hollywood.

What's  [re-]Mixing Hollywood?
This is a photo series of twenty photos that are inspired by classic American and European movies. The photos (shot in Dakar and Abidjan) represent the rich and beautiful culture that we often don't see in mainstream media.

On Why They Chose To Recreate Films
Cinema is probably the form of art that is the most universal, as it transcends all barriers, be they geographic, cultural, or racial. Great movies of the past, as well as most recent ones, feature iconic scenes that have tremendously influenced pop cultures of very different societies. African cities weren’t left out. A hotel is a crossroads in which cultures and origins from around the world co-exist and merge in a permanent cycle of reinventions and reinterpretations. That is the essence of this project.

Flick Of Da Wrist: How #JORDWATCH Upgraded My Style Game

A photo posted by Ro (@creativelyyours) on
As much as I love accessories (if you follow me on any of my platforms you know I love a big chunky necklace) I rarely ever wear watches. When the JORD team reached out to me for a review of their beautiful, wood crafted watches I knew I had to start a watch collection immediately.

Monday, September 07, 2015

I'm Back Like I never Left BUT Some Things Are Changing

I know, I know. It's been an insanely long time since I've blogged and I promise there's a good reason other than the fact that I've just been busy. Now that summer has come to a close (sadly) I finally have a handle on getting a set schedule and getting back to the blog and having something to blog about (ever run out of things to talk about?). 

With that said, I've been at a bit of a stalemate when it comes to blogging. Quite honestly, I was at a point where I ran out of things to say. Sure, I adore all things beautiful and always will, but I felt like I was leading multiple lives with RoManticlyRo and Brand Specific Media (my other blog and business) and the separation didn't allow me to be as authentic as I wanted to be, so I lost inspiration. Finally it hit me, take all of the pieces of Ro and incorporate them into the blog...don't box yourself into just beauty and I'm going to listen to that little voice. Of course I'll still review beauty products and talk hair but moving forward, ANY subject is fair game here on the blog. This is my own space in the digital world and I plan to express all of who I am, even if and when it's not popular. Just sharing that made me feel even more confident about my stay tuned. I'm sure you'll appreciate the much needed changes.

I know I can't be the only one evolving and making some have you grown and changed for the better this summer?

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